Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Clinker Bulk Pneumatic Transport system


Several particle size ranges available (Standard: 2-12 mm)

Principle :

This transport system TPV, is installed at the outlet of the sampling system and is composed of a sending station, a set of stainless steel pipes and bends connected with leak proof clamps and a receiving station composed of a cyclone and a vacuum pump.

It enables bulk clinker sample conveying on long distances and with an important height difference.

During a transport cycle, clinker falls through the chute underneath the sampler and is then transported towards the cyclone thanks to a vacuum pump connected to a filter.
An air inlet (equipped with a flap in case of several transport lines), located close to the sending station, allows the entrance of the required ambiant air for the transport.

The receiving cyclone is sealed with an airtight slide gate and is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator.

Specifications :
  • This system can either be controlled remotely from one of our analysers or locally through an independent control cabinet
  • Maximum transport distance for the standard system : 200 m
  • Maximum height difference : 12 m
  • Sample transport speed : +/- 5 m/s
  • Inner pipe diameter: ø 36,6 mm
  • Bend radius : 300 mm
  • Maximum sample particle size : 12 mm
  • Maximum sample volume to be transported : up to several kilos (standard : 300 cm3)
  • Maximum clinker temperature : 400°C
  • Slide gate under the cyclone : ø 65
  • Power supply of the vacuum pump: any from 380 to 600 V ; 50-60 Hz (2,3 kW)
  • Compressed air supply : 6 bars, clean & dry

Additional equipments :

  • Sampling systems
  • Automation
  • Sample storage
  • Preparation and analysis



20-22 April 2022, Mackay Queensland (Australia) :

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