Wednesday, 19 January 2022

ColoCompact® Laboratory colour and spots analyser
- Process Control -


  • Measure the colour and convert it in ICUMSA
  • Detect and count black spots from 90 x 90 µm
  • Store data with the image of the sample for a complete traceability
  • Provide instantaneously a ticket proving the compliance with customer specification
  • Guarantee the quality of all sugar shipped to customer

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Using a very high resolution sensor and a reliable LED lighting system, the laboratory analyser ColoCompact® performs an accurate image acquisition of the sugar surface on a 120x120 mm sample.

Through a specific image analysis and after a correlation with the laboratory standard ICUMSA method, the ColoCompact® measures the average colour of the sample 60 times faster than the conventional methods. It also detects and counts the black & brown spots on the sample surface. Once the sugar sample is prepared and put inside the ColoCompact® for analysis, the operator enters customer and product information into the system (Quality type, reference, batch number, etc.). The system starts its measurement cycle with a calibration and a series of ‘n’ measurements, ‘n’ being configurable by the operator.

Every image is analysed and the results presented in real time on the main display and registered for future access. A ticket recalling the product reference and the measurements is produced as a proof of compliance with the customer specification.

The main display shows sugar image , its Icumsa colour and highlights black & brown spots. The ColoCompact® calculates the average colour calculated over the ‘n’ measurements taken on the same image. The results and the historical trends are immediately available and stored for a complete traceability. It delivers a ticket with all the product and final customer information. Additional communication can be set up to transfer the data to an additional computer for further analysis.

Maintenance can be performed remotely by ITECA engineers using the available customer Internet access, with secure screen sharing software.



Technical specifications:

Digital camera: very High resolution, colour
Lighting: LEDs
Communications: 4-20mA, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, ProfiNet
Calibration: performed before each analysis, no drift
Dimensions and weight: 89 x 53 x 35 cm, 35 Kg
Power supply: 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5kW
Air supply pressure: 5 Bar
Enclosure: Stainless steel 316L, IP65



20-22 April 2022, Mackay Queensland (Australia) :

ASSCT 2022, 43th Sugar conference, exhibitor and poster presentation.