Wednesday, 19 January 2022

SpotObserver® On-line black and brown spots analyser
- Process Control -


  • Detect and sort black spots from 250 x 250 µm on dry sugar above conveyors
  • Scan 100% of the running production with a high resolution camera
  • Display size distributions and the latest image of non conformity
  • Record all data and videos for a complete traceability
  • Set alarms for activating a diverter and avoiding contamination of the silo or the bagging station
  • Guarantee the quality of all sugar shipped
  • Comply with explosive dusty atmosphere

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Using a very high resolution sensor and a reliable bright LED lighting system (explosion proof) the analyser SpotObserver® performs an accurate acquisition and a highly sophisticated image treatment in real time.
The SpotObserver® sorts and counts the black spots according to configurable distribution classes. Images are stored on events over the whole campaign for full traceability.

It triggers alarms on the number of detections and/or on the black spots size, with statistical calculations over customizable periods. Alarms can be used to divert the off-spec sugar avoiding any contamination or customer claims. The SpotObserver® constantly controls the wearing and ageing of the light system to make sure it remains stable in time.

The main display shows the video of the sugar surface in real time and the image of the last detection or any image chosen on manual request. The statistical data gives the number of black spots detected over certain periods of time and a size distribution according to predefined classes. 100% of the data and alarms are stored for a complete traceability of the production issues. Overall sugar quality is improved.

Maintenance can be performed remotely by ITECA engineers using the available plant Internet access, with secure screen sharing software.


Technical specifications:

Environment: ATEX 22
Communications: high speed logical output Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, ProfiNet
Calibration: stable, automatic, no drift
Dimensions and weight: 140 x 105 x 120 cm, 120 Kg
Power supply: 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5kW
Support frame: all sizes and material available



20-22 April 2022, Mackay Queensland (Australia) :

ASSCT 2022, 43th Sugar conference, exhibitor and poster presentation.