Monday, 16 May 2022

On line particle size analyser INSITEC


Key information to optimize grinding operations

Advantages :
  • Automatic on-line equipment with continuous sampling, analysis and waste ejection back to the process
  • Real time basis measurement reported to the control room
  • Control and optimization of cement mill operation (classifier speed & start up or purge times) leading to a productivity increase together with energy savings
  • Improvement and stabilization of cement quality
  • Custom designed Installation
  • Reduced maintenance (±1h / quarter)
  • Integrated window air cleaning system that guarantees cleanliness over periods of minimum 3 months and thus preventing any drift
  • Integrated compressed air regulation and filtration cabinet
  • Possibility to use the same measuring head in a cement automatic laboratory

Principles :
  • Existing chute is replaced by the supplied spool piece (larger, refocusing vanes, etc.)
  • Reliable and representative primary screw sampling system with a variable pitch which allows sampling on the whole cross section of the chute and thus guarantees that any particle whatever its location and its size has the same probability to be sampled
  • Throughput at the outlet of the screw sampler is automatically adjusted to match the requirements of the analyser (transmission rate)
  • Secondary sampling is done through a ceramic lined flute which projects material in front of the laser measuring head
  • Material gets back to the process through an abrasion resistant return bend
  • Measurements are reported (Modbus, OPC server, etc.)

Performances :
  • Continuous analysis of about 20 kg/h of material
  • This equipment complies with international standards, especially ISO 13320 which deals with particle size analysis with a laser diffraction device
  • Adjustable control (RTSizer) and vision (Malvern Link) softwares: display of the Dv(X), % vol < X µm, etc.
  • Measurement range : 1 - 200 µm



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