Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Automatic mill & pellet press


The quality of sample preparation is the first guarantee for an efficient & reliable analysis

Advantages :

  • This patented design for the automatic mill and press brings new possibilities to the field of automatic pressed pellet sample preparation.
  • It still has the traditional advantages over manual preparation namely: improved repeatability, higher frequency, better working environment (less dust and noise), less risk of sample cross contamination, better work conditions for the laboratory staff (no need to carry, empty and clean heavy grinding vessels).
  • Technological innovations : higher grinding efficiency, shorter grinding times, higher fineness (100% < 20 microns), better cleaning of the bowl, complete boric acid sample encapsulation (resistance without the necessity of having a steel ring and a binding agent).

Automatic mill :

  • Tangential output (patented) : enables the automatic grinding and the emptying of the bowl by inversing the direction of rotation of the bowl.
  • Efficient cleaning of the bowl using compressed air eliminates any risk of sample cross contamination.
  • Grinding vessel and media : its new design allows for a high efficiency of grinding and a better grain size homogeneity of the sample. Manufactured in HIP Tungstene Carbide, it is highly wear resistant (factor 3) resulting in no wear and therefore no contamination and long life.
  • These improvements result in a quickly obtained, very finely ground sample (average size 3 µm).
  • Variable speed drive : this feature is used to optimize the ideal grinding speed (according to the hardness of the product) and direction (in case the material tends to set). 4 speeds as well as the acceleration and deceleration ramps can be programmed.
  • Adjustable cleaning cycles : cleaning can be carried out either using compressed air (standard version) or using water and/or alcohol (available as an option). Drying of the bowl is done using hot air. The duration of each of the phases can be programmed and compiled into a cleaning program.
  • Memorizing of the grinding programs : it is possible to compile a program with different grinding, emptying and cleaning cycles and memorize it for use according to the nature of the sample.
  • Flexible system : the mill operation is custom designed for each specific application.

Automatic pellet press :

  • Complete boric acid coating : on the back as well as on all around resulting in a resistant pellet that can be handled and analysed with no risk of breakage.
  • The samples can be analysed, marked and then kept for historical purpose (they do not need to be destroyed).
  • Coating tool: patented system designed to allow the boric acid coating on the back and all around. Sample is firstly introduced, then boric acid is poured on top of the sample and will flow (through holes in the coating tool) around the sample.
  • Multiple programs : to adjust the pressure holding time. The pressing force can also be adjusted up to 40 Tons.
  • Efficient cleaning : multiple dust extraction hoses are connected to all the points that are in contact with the sample.
  • Tungstene Carbide manufacturing of the counter pressure plate and the die results in a perfectly flat analytical surface and an easier to clean system, guarantying no contamination.
  • Flexible system : the press operation is custom designed for each specific application.

Modular and upgradable system :

  • The system has been developed to be installed in any configuration : 

-       Seperate machines (mill & press) manually fed
-       Installed next to each other
-       Installed apart and linked by a conveyor
-      With a 20 cups rotating magazine in order to press samples during slack periods
-      2 mills for 1 press
-      2 press for 1 mill
-       Connected to our automatic cartridge transport system
-       Connected to our automatic sample loader to feed the pellet directly into any kind of spectrometer

  • The mill and press system has its own control system including a Siemens S7 PLC and touchscreen HMI.
  • Alarms and events are displayed on the control screen on the machine.
  • It can also communicate with and be controlled by an automatic laboratory management system using Profibus communication.

Specifications :

Dimensions L x P x H
1400 x 1000 x 1400 mm
Weight 700 Kgs
Power supply & consumption Standard 400 V / 3 phases 50 Hz / 6 kW
Other power supplies available upon request
Compressed air supply 4 to 6 bars, of clean dry instrument air
Consumption : 2500 l/sample
Dust extraction system Connection : external dia 80 mm
Capacity requirement : 6 - 10 m3/mn at 2100 Pa
Type of material to be processed minerals,linker, cement, ferro-alloys, slags,
ores, oxides,

cement raw meal
(even mixed with fly ash)
Maximum admissible grain size 5 mm
Maximum sample temperature
Dimensions of the pellet Inner diameter (area possibly analysed): 30 mm
Outer diameter: 40 mm
Number of pellets per hour Minimum 8



20-22 April 2022, Mackay Queensland (Australia) :

ASSCT 2022, 43th Sugar conference, exhibitor and poster presentation.