Monday, 02 August 2021

Linear Translation sampler type PTR

The PTR sampler is installed at the discharge of a conveyor belt or in a chute between 2 conveyor belts. It consists of a leak tight casing that is attached to the housing of a conveyor belt discharge, and a sampling spoon that cuts laterally across the whole product flow.

Technical Data :

  • Sampling spoon real travel : depends on the belt width + around 100 mm

  • Sampling slot width : according to the product characteristics (min 3 times the dimension of the largest particle) 

  • Spoon linear speed : from 0,4 to 0,6 m/s 

  • Maximum allowable temperature : 120°

  • Welded profiled steel rigid frame structure

  • Moving part consists of a sampling spoon set up on a linearly moving steel structure, with the motor mounted on board, this is supported and guided on 4 adjustable steel rollers

  • Side leak tightness using brushes, upper and lower leak tightness using spring steel

  • Removable spoon with side deflectors constructed in wear resistant steel



September 29-30, 2021, Hotel Manaira, João Pessoa, Paraíba (Brazil) :

SEMTEC 7º Seminário Técnico da Indústria do Cimento e Cal


20-22 October 2021, Lille(France)
SIM Exhibition 70th, Congress of the mineral industry Society

2-3 November 2021 à KhonKaen (Thailand) : 

Sugarex Thailand 2021, Sugarex Asia’s largest specialized sugar, sugarcane and bioethanol exhibition.



9-12 November 2021 - Sertãozinho, SP (Brazil) :

Fenasucro & Agrocana, International Sugar Exhibition.